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What does the robotics society do?

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The robotics society has entered a number of competitions. We also have plans to run our own robot combat competition.

Previous Competitions Entered

  • Eurobot
    • Build a robot to complete a number of tasks on a play board.
  • Micro Mouse
    • Build a mouse to solve a maze as fast as possable
  • Red Bull Basement
    • Design an idea for someting that would make campus or general life better.

Competitions to Enter in the Future

  • Glasgow University Robot Combat
    • We have plans to run an ant weight robot combat competition in the coming year.
    • We hope to invite other universities to compete.

Personal / team project support

  • If you have a personal project or a project idea with a group we can attempt to find full or partial funding for the project.
  • Also our community can provide support if you get stuck during development of your project.



  • President : James Shand
  • Vice-President: Natalia Ibagon
  • Secretary: Torin Storkey
  • Treasurer: Raymond Charles


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